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Period & Listed Window Specialists

Secondary Glazing Windows Specialists in London

Secondary Glazing is the perfect solution for listed buildings where the prohibition of major alterations to your windows is not permitted. Our specialist solutions can reduce up to 90% of unwanted noise through your windows, As well as completely thermally insulating your windows. Vidrogroup specialise in installations that will preserve the character of your windows alongside improving the thermal and acoustic performance of your windows. Our Tailor made windows and manufacturing capabilities mean we can treat any style or shape of window sympathetically applied correctly, Our Windows Specialist in London leave minimal impact to the aesthetics of your original windows.

Secondary Double Glazing is a perfect alternative for every style of building


Houses & New Build Apartments

Removing the need to rip out old windows and replace them, secondary windows are a lightweight aluminium alternative for cottages and rural homes.

London House


Offices & Work Spaces

Offices & Work spaces suffering from poor heat and noise insulation need to no longer with a simple solution from Vidrogroup.

warehouse london

Period & Heritage

Grade 1, 2, 3, Listed Properties

Whether your property is listed or located in a conservation area, our slim line window solutions are regularly accepted.

Benefits of Having Secondary glazing Installed

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Thermal Insulation

Having our windows installed completely eliminates cold draughts entering and will save you money on your heating bills in the long run for the future.

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Soundproof Insulation

Utilising an air gap of 125mm, Our windows can reduce up to 80% of noise pollution using saint Gobain STADIP 6.4mm Acoustic Glass.Lorem

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Value For Money

Secondary double glazing is a much cheaper alternative to replacing your original windows and more effective than rehauling or restoring traditional sash windows.

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Preserving Heritage

Secondary windows preserve the look of your heritage building's windows without having to replace or remove any original features that boast its historic merit.

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Sound Reduction Windows

Sound Reduction Windows

If you are looking for for Sound Reduction Look No further we stock the highest quality products to ensure the highest results Possible

Sound reduction With our specialist acosutic windows
125mm Air gap + Secondary Glazing With Stadip 6.4mm Acosutic Glass 81%
Thermal Insulation Windows

Thermal Insulation Windows

In Addition to completely insulating your windows Pilkingtons K glass could also bring additional Thermal benefits to your home increasing the heat transfer from Solar Energy

Save Money On your Heating Bills
Eliminate Cold Air & Draughts 100%

Saint Gobain. Acoustic Stadip Laminated Glass is a specialist glass that has outstanding benefits when used for Soundproofing.SGG Stadip Silence is an acoustic laminated safety glass, consisting of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by one or more acoustic Polyvinyl Butyral interlayers, known as PVB (A).Where can it be used, SGG Stadip Silence is ideal for any application in a residential or commercial buildings where there is a need to insulate against excessive noise levels. If installed in secondary glazing systems with a 125 mm gap between the original window, our windows can reduce up to 80% of intrusive noise pollution.

Pilkington K Glass can be supplied in 4 &6 mm Toughened safety glass.Mostly used for draught proofing it also provides additional energy saving benefits. Pilkington K Glass is the original hard coated, pyrolytic low-emissivity coated thermal glass, it has become the reliable solution for meeting building regulations concerning energy efficiency.
Pilkington K Glass forms the inner pane of an energy-efficient IGU, such as Pilkington energikare™. The coating reflects heat back into the room whilst also letting in free heat from the sun, known as passive solar gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heres a bunch of questions we always answer, if you need more information we would love to hear from you we offer free home appointments and our surveyors are hands on people we do not operate on a pushy sales pitch or try to sell you anything you don’t need the person discussing your windows will be the person that installs them if you go ahead with the works.

Sound Reduction levels depend on a few factors the main factor is the distance we can create between your original window and our window .

If we can achieve a air gap of 125mm We can reduce up to  80-90% of noise

If we can achieve a air gap of 70mm We can reduce up to 50-60% of noise

Regardless if your windows are in a recessed cavity or flush with your walls there are ways we can increase the air gap to maximise the results.

Prices really vary on the size & Style of your windows and what glass you require for your purpose etc. the more windows you have in mind the more cost effective it will be as you only incur labour and installation costs on one visit.

Example Quote:  1 x Sash window with Acoustic Glass  @ H1.2 x W1.2

Total Supplied & Installed £599.00

Absolutely all the systems we provide will grant access where necessary.

We would need see from pictures or a on site visit to assess if it would be possible sometimes the shutters occupy the exact space our windows should be positioned, Depending on the style of your windows and the shutters we may be able to incorporate our windows behind the shutters.

Really Discreet our largest frames are around 35mm x 35mm !

We have a Gallery where you can see pictures of installations, we can also schedule a appointment and bring a sample windows for you to see.

Absolutely on most windows all the panels are removable providing full access to your original windows.

Yes we work to very high standards and understand that most secondary glazing will be for listed and period properties with a high end finish on the decor. We can colour match to most Farrow & Ball, pastel & off white tones to make the installation as discreet as possible.

We work on a 2 week lead time from order confirmation to installation

Yes we offer a 10 Year Guarantee for your peace of mind the guarantee covers and installation or manufacturing defect

No we offer free appointments and quotes nationwide feel free to book a appointment Online

Yes If you send over dimensions and some pictures to clarify the style of windows you have we can provide a pretty accurate price for the works.

Aluminium – Powder coated white as a standard option.  Available in many RAL colours to suit your requirement.  Matt or Gloss finish

Secondary Glazing Gallery

Featured Posts From Our Blog

Feel Free to head over to our blog for information on secondary glazing we have put together a few articles that should help you get a better understanding of prices window styles and general frequently asked questions we always get asked. If you require any information you can see please feel free to contact us

Benefits Of Installing Secondary windows

There are major benefits you can enjoy today if you invest in secondary glazing. With top benefits such as thermal efficiency, reduced cost, noise reduction and environmental conservation


sliding window

How Much Does Secondary Glazing Cost?

We have put together a few prices to gain a better understanding on the cost of supply and installation of secondary glazing windows, both for sound proofing and draught proofing.


secondary glazing cost

Secondary Glazing Vs Double Glazing

We are quiet often approached by clients who already have double glazing installed and are curious to know if installing secondary glazing will dramatically provide additional acoustic or thermal insulation.


secondary glazing vs double glazing

Very effective windows and definitely do the job

Very effective windows and definitely do the job.
I would highly recommend this companies products and services.
i had two windows installed in my bedroom and its blocked out the road noise significantly.
The installation looks great and the windows are very neat and look very discreet.

Would definitely recommend Vidrogroup for secondary glazing.

Kash Parmar

We live on a main road our windows are…

We live on a main road our windows are just above a bus stop, we had the secondary glazing installation done on 2 large sash windows and it blocked out majority of the noise. Vidrogroup were the first to survey and quote and everything ran smoothly installation was done in a few hours, the windows look better than what I anticipated I would definitely recommend.


Windows reduce traffic noise

We live on a busy road and just had secondary glazing fitted on our bedroom bay windows to reduce traffic noise. We have very beautiful sash windows and were worried that the secondary glazing would spoil the look. Andrew has installed Saint Gobain 6.4 Stadip silent laminated secondary glazing and the noise reduction is so great that we forget about the busy road. Most importantly they look very neat and discreet. Andrew is hardworking and spent the necessary time to reach a perfect result.


Blocked out majority of the noise

We live on a main road our windows are just above a bus stop, we had the secondary glazing installation done on 2 large sash windows and it blocked out majority of the noise. Vidrogroup were the first to survey and quote and everything ran smoothly installation was done in a few hours, the windows look better than what i anticipated i would definitely recommend . Jerry

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