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We specialize in repairs of PVC and aluminium double glazing windows. Our expert Staff have years of experience in manufacturing and repairing double glazing window systems. With over 25+ years experience we have developed the knowledge and expertise to resolve any issue that you may have with your windows. Our double glazing repairs services fix and replace parts for aluminium windows, PVC sash windows, PVC double glazing, broken locks, damaged handles, and hinges, hard to open windows, glass replacement etc. you name it we can fix it contact us with any issues you have we can re-haul your windows back to factory settings.

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Parts Sourced for all makes & Models Of windows

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✔ Window Hinges
✔ Window Handles
✔ Locking Mechanism
✔ Open Jammed Windows
✔ Gaps & Drafts Cured
✔ Glass replacements
✔ Window Adjustments

✔ Window Frame Lock Parts
✔ Window Locks
✔ Extra Security Locks
✔ Tilt & Turn Window Repair
✔ Fire Escape Hinges
✔ Child Restricted Hinges
✔ Discontinued Locks

✔  Door Lock Adjustments
✔  Multi Point Mechanisms
✔  Open Jammed Locks
✔  UPVC Door Hinges
✔  Door Handles
✔  Lost or Broken Keys
✔  Replacement Door Locks

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Having issues with misted units ?

by far the most common is that of clouding or misting between the panes. This happens for a variety of reasons. Double glazed window units are sealed. If air or damp gets into the gap, it will cause condensation thanks to the temperature differences. It’s annoying and seemingly impossible to get rid of.
We can deal with it for you, and our expert team of technicians know exactly how to get rid of the problem and prevent against it happening again. Condensation inside the panes can be caused by damage to the window frame or the glass. It can also come about as a result of incorrectly installed windows or broken and damaged seals

Do you need new handles and locks ?

Broken handles are probably the most common fault on double glazing windows, theyre handled very often and every few years they could probably do with being changed, locks and handles are essentialy the most important security aspect of your windows a broken window is an invitation to a thief. Easy to get in and out of, windows are often the preferred entry point for opportunist burglars. Do you have good locks on your windows? Or have you got older locks that may not be secure? At VGR Repairs we can help by taking a look at your current window handles and replacing the old with the new.

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do you have faulty hinges ?

When was the last time you checked your window locks, handles and hinges? Hinges are the most worn componants of a double glazing window they bare the weight of the glass and function pretty much everyday its no surprise they go wrong.
If you get in touch with us, we will send one of the expert team to have a look at your windows,we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote to have the best replacement options fitted. We like to make sure our clients are as safe and secure as possible, so we only use the very latest and best quality fittings. Get in touch now and we’ll arrange a visit.

are your window seals letting in air ?

If you are noticing a draught from your double-glazed doors or windows, the chances are you have worn or damaged seals. The seals form the join between the window and the frame and are designed to create a complete and secure seal through which air and water cannot pass.
However, these seals are perishable and while they will last many years, they can become brittle and crack, or get damaged through frequent or improper use. Rather than fit an entirely new window frame or replace the glazed unit, in some cases where damaged seals are the culprit Vgr Repairs can simply fit new seals to eliminate cold draughts penetrating into your home.

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