Secondary Glazing For Listed Buildings

As Secondary double Glazing is an independent window system that is internally installed it does not have any implications on listed building regulations that prohibit the major alteration or replacement of the original windows.
Having tendered for countless listed projects and buildings in conservation areas we can assure you our secondary glazing windows always get approved for installation from local councils & governing bodies, We have previously helped clients get approvals from:
A Recent secondary glazing installation In Great Ormond Street London,
Photos show the secondary glazing installed internally and the discrepancy of the installation form outside making it unnoticeable
Image description

Secondary Glazing Sash windows installed at 10 Great Ormond Street

Image description

Secondary Glazing Is not visible from outside.

Thermal Improvements for Period Windows with Secondary Glazing

Take a look at our recently completed secondary glazing installation at The Gateways London. A Grade II Listed Building in Royal Hospital, London, Chelsea
We were contracted to carry out the installation of all windows to improve the buildings heat retention and Sound Proofing performance. We Installed 15 secondary glazing windows throughout the property while carefully preserving the characteristics of the original windows.
Our secondary glazing windows in London were designed to mimic the style and fenestration of the original windows in order to make the installation as discreet as possible while still providing access to the original windows openings.
All windows were manufactured from durable powder coated aluminum. Paying particular attention to the tone of white that had to be matched on the original windows.
The windows were glazed with Pilkingtons low emissivity K glass
Starting with the front room we installed a 4 pane combination to complement and replicate the original style already in place.
Image description

4 Panel Horizontal Sliding

Image description

Bay Combination windows

Image description

Discreet Match 4 panels

Image description

Kitchen 2 panel sliders

Image description

Hinged opener For bay side windows

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Hinged opened Position

If you have a listed building and would like to get secondary glazing installed, we would love to hear from you. Our Specialist products and services have been designed and continue to be developed around your requirements. We can help improve your buildings energy consumption or enhance the acoustic insulation of your current windows with one of our secondary glazing installations.
Feel free to contact us with any query you may have in relation to your project


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