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Secondary Double glazing

Secondary double glazing involves the installation of a additional window internally installed to the room interior these windows bring great benefits to enhancing the acoustic and thermal properties of your windows.

Buildings that reside in conservation areas and buildings that are grade 1,2,3, Listed have legislation protecting any major alterations to the overall appearance of the windows. these laws often prohibit the replacement of original style sash and casement windows.

Over the years Secondary Double glazing has been the ideal solution for these types of buildings.

Vidrogroup are specialists in the supply and installation of secondary double glazing, Our windows are tailor made to suit your requirements and can be supplied in a variety of different colours to suit your property.

All windows are manufactured from aluminum and can be supplied with a range of different glass types to best suit your requirements,from soundproofing to thermal efficiency our windows can be tailored to your exact spec.

Secondary Glazing Sash Window

Vidrogroup Can treat any style or shape of windows you have providings access where necessary a few of the most popular styles can be seen below. if you have odd shaped arched or curved windows we can also manufacture a bespoke solution to match up to your windows.


Why should i install secondary double glazing windows ?

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Reduces Up to 80% of noise with a cavity of 125mm
using stadip 6.4mm acoustic laminated glass .

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Completely eliminates cold draughts and saves you money in heating bills in the long run.

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Brings a additional layer of Security to your property

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Secondary Double glazing is easily removable if you ever want to take it down with very little damage to walls.